Re-marketing Ads

So, we meet again. I see you didn’t get 100% conversions from those previous potential customers? Some one clicked on your ad and didn’t convert? Maybe you weren’t able to close them the first time? That’s okay! We can re-market to the potential customer again.

I know what you’re thinking…”I have seen this before”. Don’t worry we will not annoy them too often with the ads. The goal here is to imprint brand awareness to the consumer who previously searched for what they were looking for, but hesitated to make the commitment.

The good news is that 81% of online shoppers conduct research first? You want to be the first thing that pops up into their head, or browser, when they are thinking of that product again.

This is why re-marketing ads offer an amazing opportunity not only for brand awareness, but to grab the consumers attention again. This time around they may be ready to move forward.


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