Brian Kunowski – Owner, Account Strategist

Owner/Account Strategist

I come to you with over 19 years of extensive background in sales and a constant focus on consumer buying behavior. I know what the customer is looking for based on years of experience asking questions to better understand the customer and determining who, what, when, where, and why they want it.

Through a simple needs analysis I strive to get to know my customers just like I will get to know you and your company. Without knowing your business goals I can not create a successful campaign that will yield the results you want.

My previous work experience dates back to working for large business’ such as Bank of America, University of Phoenix, Grand Canyon University, Freedom Debt Relief and now I have recently been working directly with digital marketing agencies as an Agency Account Strategist for Google in their AdWords department.

My job with the Google program is to work with the agencies, who were considered Google Partners, to help get them up to date on “Google Best Practices” and share my strategy on how they could obtain the best return on investment for their clients. This meant deep diving into every client account and making recommendations regarding the data I reviewed. I quickly discovered that my heart is with the end client, because that is where I can make the most impact.

Overall, at the end of the day you expect the best results right?

I take pride in providing you with those results.

Welcome to the team!