Search Engine Marketing

ads-logo-verticalSearch Advertising Mobile Advertising, Display Advertising, Video Advertising, along with Gmail Marketing and of course Re-marketing are all apart of the digital marketing realm. Social media marketing is also another form of digital marketing but used in more of a brand awareness and content marketing sort of way.

Search Engine Marketing better known as (SEM) is the most powerful way to get your brand seen and track how users interact and make their purchases. The days of billboards and newspapers is over.

Everyone knows who Google is right? We use Google every day to search for restaurants, plumbers, ac specialists, and directions to these same companies. Currently New Age Digital Marketing Agency focus is on digital marketing with Google AdWords.

AdWords takes the Google search engine machine learning and believe it or not has a lot of data stored in those computers. They know when and where to show your ad based on the consumers search patterns and key words.

I am able to dial in on specific key words users are searching when looking for your product or service. With keywords, locations radiuses, ad schedules, etc I am able to target the user when they need to see your ad.

AdWords, like many other marketing mediums, require a bidding strategy. There are impressions, clicks, click through rates, conversions all taken into account when we build a campaign.

If you are willing to pay $1 for a click but your competition is willing to pay $1.01 then they may win the bid. However, there are many more variables that come into play. Google AdWords machine learning gives you a Quality Score (QS) by reviewing your ad relevance, expected click through rate, and landing page experience. If you have a maximum bid set $0.01 higher than your highest bidder you can win the bid. This will determine your ad rank.

So as you can see there is competition in the market to win these bids and it gets pretty high tech. I will ensure that as I explain in more detail you will see statistics of the amount of impressions clicks you may receive based on your marketing spend.

Our partnership is based on trust, growth, and the ability to reach one goal together.