Why You Should Use a Consultant To Advertise

Have you ever asked yourself what it would cost to advertise your business? Of course you have. Then you started to research and read different things and start to get wrapped up in a never ending circle of confusion wondering how much you should spend, what the return on investment will be, and realistically, is it all worth it?

You are not the only one. Every business, large and small, has asked those same questions. Many times when this happens we decide to just keep doing what we were doing, and expecting different results.

Long story short, hiring someone full time to run your marketing department is expensive and tends to be impossible to truly monitor how successful the advertising is.

To give you an idea, the average marketing representative salary is $43,000. Add in the amount you would spend on the advertising alone and now you are spending an easy $79,000. Don’t get me wrong, we all know the more you spend on advertising the more return you will see, however, the salary job position may not be producing the results you need.

Enter the marketing consultant. The marketing consultant works for the check because their results are the only thing keeping them in business just like your results keep you in business. Sharing this common ground is important at the end of the day so that you know the marketing consultant will be winning your business every day.

Hiring a marketing rep inside your company vs. hiring a marketing consultant.

Marketing Rep Salary = $43,000                                                                                                          Amount spent on advertising = $36,000 based on spending a minimum of $3000 a month.

Total spend on advertising = $79,000

Marketing Consultant Fee = $6,000 (based on $500 a month fee)                                                Dollars spent on advertising = $36,000

Total spend on advertising = $42,000

This gives you $37,000 in savings to put back into other areas of your business, or spend on other advertising resources.